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Due to medical advances there are now four categories of people, male, female, intersex, and furry. ~~~ "I'm rifling through bins of bras trying to find my size in the color I want," I said to my buddy Kitsune, who happens to be a fox girl. I was shopping in old town Atlanta at Atlantic Station.

Tests have been developed to identify the unborn whose sex will not match their gender; they are then given drugs while they are still in the womb that alters their DNA, and changes their gender to intersex. Kit was south of old town near the Transport Portal Terminal, which used to be Hartsfield-Jackson Airport when airplanes were still used "You know we could always go shopping in Buckhead.

The two begin to roll on the ground of the jetway and pull each other's hair before the pilot intervenes, striking one woman in the face then walking away.

Delta told TMZ that the pilot was suspended pending an investigation, but they felt that he had acted in accordance with the law.

"They look a lot different than men do now don't they?

The footage was captured while passengers were deboarding a flight in Atlanta and two women got in a physical altercation."Thank you baby, I love you," I said, sending her a smile through our link. I'm walking to the tube station now." "OK, give me a second to pay for my stuff, and I will get on the tube too," said Kit. "She's no one you know, but I hear she has the hottest pussy around, ha ha ha.By the way, I'm on the tube now; I'll see you in a couple minutes." Kit closed her eyes and took a deep breath before she spoke, saying, "Obviously you intersex men didn't get any of our female sensibilities." "Ha ha, I get to talk like a caveman as long as I have a cock no matter how small it is," I retort."What if I told you that you are now in the year 2217? "Well that's where you are, believe it or not," I said matter of factly. " I gesture with my left hand and them with my right to indicate where we're standing. "You can be sent back, that's the good news." "OK, I'm feeling you on that, but you're implying that there is some bad news," he said skeptically."No, it's not bad news per se, It's just that, the time, space continuum thingy might not permit a transfer back to 2017 for another week, so you could be stuck here for a few days, that's all," I said, with a reassuring smile.

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