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In April 2003, under Columbia Pictures, director Mark Steven Johnson took over the helm for Ghost Rider with Cage returning for the lead role.

Johnson, rewriting Salerno's script, was set to begin production of Ghost Rider in late 2003 or early 2004.

21 years later, Blaze has become a famous stunt motorcycle rider known for surviving numerous deadly crashes.

Blaze meets his lifelong sweetheart Roxanne Simpson, now a news reporter, whom he abandoned after his father's death. Meanwhile, Blackheart, the demonic son of Mephistopheles, comes to Earth, along with three fallen angels who bonded with the elements air, earth, and water.

Blackheart uses the contract to absorb the thousand souls into his body.

In response, Mephistopheles makes Blaze the new Ghost Rider and offers to return his soul if he defeats Blackheart, though he is also told he has no choice in the matter.Mephistopheles then disappears, taking Blackheart's body with him.Later, Simpson tells Blaze that he got his second chance before sharing a final kiss with him.Blaze is driven straight to the station on his first ride, wherein he transforms into the Ghost Rider and kills the earth angel, Gressil.He also saves a young girl from a mugger and incapacitates him with the penance stare (a power that allows the Ghost Rider to make any evil person experience all the pains they caused on their victims as long as the victims were good and not evil).

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