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Sharpay accepts but is disgusted to find out what it is.To make her feel better, Peyton takes her to the stage of a Broadway theatre, which inspires her to make the best of the situation.He's an excellent soccer player and incredible dancer who teaches dance classes to little girls at his family's studio.

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While in despair, she meets Peyton Leverett (Austin Butler), an aspiring film director and son of Sharpay's mother's friend from college, who offers her a studio apartment if she will be the subject of his film project, to capture one unique New York story.Tamara is East High's former queen bee, a cheer squad member attempting to climb back up the social ladder and reclaim all the attention for herself.There's still no word on whether Sharpay and Ryan will reprise their roles, but let's hope they at least taught their cousin everything they know about jazz squares. is part of Disney Channel's DNA," Disney Channel President Gary Marsh said in a statement. EUA: O Disney Channel Anunciou a audiência de “Sharpay Fabulous Adventure” tornando-se o filme de transmissão televisiva de entretenimento nº 1 em número total de espectadores (4,9 milhões).O filme de Sharpay tornou-se o Filme Disney Channel mais assistido de Maio de todos os tempos no total de telespectadores.

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