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A lifestyle is not built around a couple of good workouts or a few ‘healthy’ meals, but rather focusing on developing long-term habits through creating self-awareness, delaying gratification, and maximizing life choice in cultivating a positive social environment.When these principles are applied to your health, fitness, and nutrition, it results in a comprehensive solution to the perfect lifestyle. Fitness philosophy: Fitness is a commitment to yourself.

Get a good night's rest without the distraction of technology. You don't have to feel like going, you don't have to want to go, you just have to stay positive, keep your dream in sight, put your sneakers on, and go. Pushups before exhaustion: Fitness philosophy: I have a passion for helping people achieve the physical goals that they want, whether it's building muscle, losing fat, eliminating a nagging injury, living a happier life, or a combination.

In doing so, I coach my clients to think along the terms of nutrition and training, rather than diet and exercise.

I concentrate on interval training, functional compound movements, and working across all three energy systems for maximum results.

Last year we went on a manhunt to find and introduce you to the Top 50 Hottest Trainers in America (with a few Canadians we just couldn't leave out).

You loved the list so much, we decided to do it again this year, conducting another extensive and exhausting (really, looking at fit guys is hard work) search to round up 50 more strapping gents to share their motivational fitness philosophies, tell us the No.1 exercise we should keep doing, and show their muscles.

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