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Thos who can not pass the test will not each lunch, as well as be sent back to the academy.'"WHAT?

"Sakura elbowed Naruto again."Ah yes, this is a training exercise.

The smile turned into a frown as she thought of the petty rivalry between the two but shook it off.

Finally, at the academy she entered the room where the meeting was held and smiled at an almost open bench.

Our of the twenty seven academy graduates, only nine will move on to be actual genin. If you do not come with me with the intent of death, you will not pass."In seconds Naruto had a kunai in his hand, and in the next second his arm was twisted around kunai at his own neck.

All twenty seven are facing a test today, most will be different, depending on the teacher. You must retreve the bells from my side."He held up two bells on red strings."But Kakashi-sensei, there are only two."He turned to her with a smile, but it seemed entirely fake."That's right, only two of you have the chance of passing. Kakashi had twisted his arm, and his other hand was on Naruto's keeping it still."Naruto!

""Idiot."Sakura however smiled and threw herself at the taller man."Kakashi! What is dislike is the three minutes after pouring hot water into instant ramen. Sasuke sat with his hands elbows on his knees."My name is Uchiha Sasuke. Grabbing the two bentos, she placed them in her shoulder bag and put it around her and stepping out of her house, making sure the door was locked. Making her way to the training grounds, she found Naruto and Sasuke standing near each other, and Naruto in a wide yawn."Morning!

I have no particular likes, and plenty of dislikes. Oh, and you might want to skip breakfast."Sakura looked up. "He disappeared in a blur and Naruto made a whining noise."Oh man! "She smiled brightly but the other two weren't having it.

When her father was in danger, a cute young kunoichi medic apprentice from Konoha saved him.He was dressed in a pair of baggy orange pants that fell over his shoes and a black t-shirt with a red swirl on his chest."Ah, morning Naruto-san! The teams have been already chosen in order to keep a balanced skill level. "He went through six squads before finally the moment came."Now then, next is squad seven. Why does an exception student like me have to be paired with ? "She glared at him."So having a girl teacher would be lame?"Sakura gasped and pulled Naruto's sleeve forcing him to sit."Sasuke has the best scored amongst the graduates. ""Hn, bring it on idiot.""You have an hour until you meet your Jonin squad leaders! "She finally pushed Naruto off of her and out of the bench before quickly leaving the room. ""Well, maybe but-"Sakura stood up quickly."See you both in class!Naruto, you have the worst."She sighed as Naruto stubbornly crossed his arms."Just don't get in my way, loser."Her body tensed and she was immediately sandwiched between the two teenage boys."You want to say that again teme! An hour gave her enough time to eat the bento she packed under the trees around the academy."Sakura-chan! "Brushing it off, she dug into her bento happily, and saw Sasuke walking along the trail."Sasuke-kun! "He stopped walking a few feet from them, one hand in his pocket, the other holding the boxed lunch."Come eat with us! "Sakura pressed her chopsticks to her lips before realizing she probably ate to much and put them away, covering it with it's lid."Who knows. "xx XXxx She sat on a desk, swinging her legs as Sasuke sat not to far off from her and Naruto leaned against the teacher's desk in the room."He's late!"Looking up, she saw Naruto with a travel ready bowl of ramen from the ramen shop."Hey Naruto. "He wasted no time and sat next to her with a grin and a slight blush on his cheeks."Naruto? "She offered a bright smile and he made his way over anyways, and sat next to her."Hey, hey, Sakura-chan! ""You've sad that five times now you idiot.""Well it's true! "He grabbed a stool and eraser, before standing on the stool and jamming the eraser in the door."He's not going to fall for that weak booby trap idiot.""Well it's his fault for being late! "They followed him up a flight of stairs since they were already on the second story and soon they were sitting on a set of steps, with Kakashi leaning against the railing."Let's try an exercise. Future goal for yourselves and such.""You should go first! "With a wave she jumped off the building, determined to head home quickly and prepare.

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