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I sat mostly in silence, minus the questions I prompted him with to look engaged but it was so hard to pay attention. But when he came back, he was a completely different person. Luckily my office is on the cusp of Fi Di and SOMA so it was close by, but here’s the kicker — I don’t have a doorman and I didn’t want him to know where I worked.

Here he was on a first date telling me how he hated the city I live in, the culture that surrounds me, the tech industry which I’m heavily involved in, etc. We finished our drinks and he went to the bathroom. He started finally asking me questions for once and when I told him I do PR for consumer and tech companies, he changed his tune. We walked through Fi Di ‘on the way to my office’ and I was desperately scanning for office buildings with lobby/doormen.

We got about 15 to 20 minutes into the date and the band came on and started setting up — and that’s where it all went downhill. We were in such a rush to get out of there that he paid the bill, we left and he drove me home. B) Don’t go to brunch with a live band or any activity that will making talking impossible — especially if it’s a first date.

The music was SO loud, seriously SO loud, that we couldn’t even talk or hear each other — not to mention the guy was singing some soulful, baby-making songs… It wasn’t a bad date and I was proud of myself for surviving my first blind/app date ever, but serious lessons were learned. C) Don’t wear something too casual where you feel underdressed and don’t wear white when it’s super-hot because you’ll sweat right through it.” *Some names changed to prevent total mortification.

It was one of those rare days in SF where we were having a legit heat wave so I wore white cut off shorts, a tank top and Nike wedges, and rather than take an Uber or Lyft, I decided I’d walk.

Then, he started talking about how he hadn’t had health insurance in years and he confessed he had a, and I quote verbatim, ‘growth on his groin.’ Um, yeah.We were seated in the front of the restaurant near the stage but no one was there at the time.SIDE NOTE: Farmer Brown is a soul-food spot with live music on the weekend but neither of us knew this, yet. We had to lean over the table to talk to each other and even that was difficult so we spent the remaining part of brunch eating and laughing it off, but totally in silence.The walk was lovely and my music was pumping me up, but aggressively walking in the heat not only made me sweat my ass off, but it also made me late.The restaurant was WAY further than I thought and I had to text him that I was running 10-15 minutes behind, strike number one in my mind especially since we had a reservation.

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