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As for the fate of Khodorkovksy's company, its largest oil subsidiary was sold in a sealed bid auction to Baikal Financial Group, a shell company with an unpublished list of officers.

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According to The Washington Post, in the email dated July 7, 2016, just two weeks before Trump accepted the Republican nomination for president, Manafort asked an overseas intermediary to pass a message on to Deripaska: "If he [Deripaska] needs private briefings, tell him we can accommodate." Viktor Vekselberg is one of the 10 richest men in Russia.They are among several Americans who also merit Mueller's scrutiny.The Americans Andrew Intrater, according to Mother Jones, is Vekselberg's cousin. (FEC records list his employer as Renova US Management LLC.) Intrater had no significant history of political contributions prior to the 2016 elections. Buried in the campaign finance reports available to the public are some troubling connections between a group of wealthy donors with ties to Russia and their political contributions to President Donald Trump and a number of top Republican leaders. citizen and one of the largest donors to GOP political action committees in the 2015-16 election cycle. Blavatnik holds a stake in Rusal with a business partner. VTB was exposed in the Panama Papers in 2016 for facilitating the flow of billions of dollars to offshore companies linked to Putin.We have allowed our campaign finance laws to become a strategic threat to our country. Deripaska's name turned up again in an email handed over to Mueller's team by Manafort's attorneys.

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