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Historically, when a parish was dominated by a conservative majority and rector, the liberal minority would often set up a voluntary congregation with their own rector - and vice versa.

Today the voluntary congregations are often a solution for people who find the idea of a free church appealing, but wish to keep some bonds to the church.

The Church of Denmark is organized in eleven dioceses, each led by a bishop, including one for Greenland (the Faroe Islands was a twelfth diocese until 29 July 2007).Excommunication is legally possible but an extraordinarily rare occurrence. A church member supporting reincarnation was excommunicated, but the Supreme Court overturned the excommunication in 2005.According to the latest inquiry about 2.4% of church members attend services every week, although on Christmas Eve more than a third of the population attend.Another, less commonly used feature is parish optionality (sognebåndsløsning, literally "parish bond release").If a Church member is dissatisfied with the particular vicar of his residence parish, he may choose to be served by another vicar who matches better with his Christian views, for example in a neighbouring parish.

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