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He is a long-time math enthusiast now working at Fed Ex and active in community charities.

As Sys Admin for his charities, he runs Prime95 on all PCs and servers because GIMPS emails him if one doesn't check in, which is helpful for monitoring these remote computers from home or work.

Thanks to all the GIMPS members that contributed their resources towards achieving this milestone.

The official discovery date is the day a human took note of the result.

You'll need a reasonably modern PC and the free software at — In 2008, M(37156667) was discovered, and after 8 years GIMPS has finished checking and double-checking every smaller Mersenne number.

With no new, smaller primes found, M(37156667) is officially the "45th Mersenne prime".

Haswell users should see a decent performance increase.

Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge users may also see a small speed boost due to some memory bandwidth optimizations.

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