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The part of Sherwood I was now in had almost crumbled into the sea.

Some of the shops – the Co-Operative, and a branch of Barclays Bank, were hanging over the edge of the cliff, visibly eroding. One of those "if you don't like this book well that's on you, not the book, buddy" deals. As capitalist consumerist ethics and technology-dulled sensory blight inexorably infect all regions and human terrains, and even the way we map those terrains, and even more so how we think about and conceive of mapping those terrains, I will retreat happily away into realms of pure words and sounds - where vestiges of humanity and imagination still thrive, like a hidden rainforest under the city, full of weird animal and vegetative life (memory, intimate experience, organic elision that also produces meaning ...) Rings of Saturn is a knee-high abyssal-emotional archive of everything we're losing, since we're tainted with annihilation the day we are born, cast out to glide in a forgetful stream, dreamwalking our way through thick, ancient time. This is a strange and melancholy journey, not really through Suffolk but through Sebald's mind.

It was by now eleven in the morning but the sky was leaden, bilious and no sun was shining.

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The planet Neptune caught me a severe blow upon the shin.

Come si vede nella magnifica foto riproposta in copertina, calza stiva LA GRAMMATICA DEL SILENZIO C’è un viandante che negli anni Novanta del secolo scorso se ne va a piedi attraverso la contea di Suffolk, in East Anglia, che non è proprio il primo posto che viene voglia di visitare nel Regno Unito di Gran Bretagna (è però il primo posto da dove partiva gli aerei alleati che andavano a bombardare a tappeto la Germania nazista, come racconta lo stesso Sebald in Storia naturale della distruzione).

Come si vede nella magnifica foto riproposta in copertina, calza stivali di cuoio, invece di scarpe da trekking - racchiude le sue cose in uno zaino informe invece di quelli anatomici.

It is said the brushwood and straw was piled around him up to the neck but the Papal executioners could not prevent the John Hus Moravian Church being established in Brooklyn in 1966 which I discovered and visited on my walking tour of the outer boroughs of New York City in 1981. As I passed the Golden Hill take-away on Haydn Road its uninspiring shopfront nevertheless brought to mind the cruel life of the Dowager Empress T'zu-Hsi, who personally strangled eight of her own sons, including the schizophrenic Emperor T'ung-chih and whose influence in the latter quarter of the nineteenth century in China was ahistorically described by Edwin Featherstonehaugh of Bedevere College, Oxford as that of a human boll weevil.

Adult weevils overwinter in well-drained areas in or near cotton fields after diapause and emerge in late spring to feed on immature cotton bolls. I had thought that Haydn Road abutted Sherwood High Street and that the Chinese Tang dynasty was at right angles (seen from seaward) to the music of George Handel, especially the Oboe Concertos Nos 1 and 2, but I could now see that this was untrue.

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