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It is available in two different cover versions which is the result of a printing experiment by printing all the content of the book in 3 layers on one print sheet, which was cut and folded into two different covers.ISBN 9789491843778 Order Here Photographer Mohamed Bourouissa (1978, Blida, Algeria) is interested in systems, in how society and particularly subcultures are structured.The publication's bibliography offers a selected overview of exhibited books as seen per artist in recent decades. With an interview by the exhibition's curator Jean-Paul Felly. ISBN 9789491843938 Order Here This book, the 8th volume in Kopelman's series Notes on Representation, focuses on glaciers, alpine forests, and avalanche-sculpted mountainscapes, especially their texture, morphology, and readability.It brings together drawings and field notes made during multiple stays in the Swiss Alps, notably Davos, as well as paintings produced later in a studio setting.The 16 different prints in this edition can be viewed as a sequence of individual parts, but together they can form an endless amount of unique compositions, eventually to be mounted as a small-sized wall paper measuring 120 x 120 cm. Over 192 black and white pages, the diverse spectrum of the artists' collaborative practice is represented - drawings, paintings, sculptures, photographs, kinetic objects, videos.Additionally, a number of lost, destroyed, and forgotten works have also been included, as well as new works commissioned on occasion of the exhibition. ISBN 9789491843891 Link: Here Edited by Yvonne Rainer, this selection of texts and images by Rainer and various authors, offers a retrospective portrait of her work, focusing on some of her most notable performances and projects from both the late 1960s ('Trio A', 'The Mind Is a Muscle') and since her return to dance with the White Oak Dance Project in 2000.This exhibition publication is produced on the occasion of the group show Copy Construct held at the Cultural Centre Mechelen in the first half of 2017.Copy Construct departs from different artistic practices and specific works by artists that are based on 'reproduction' or 'copy'.

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Set one morning in an empty gallery and told from the point of view of a young man who installs exhibitions for a living, The Preparator combines text and image in a series of compact, associative tableaus, each revolving around a landscape or rather, the memory of a landscape: a title page, an eighteenth-century ink drawing, the network of cracks in a ceiling, a walk along the Rhine, a satellite photograph, Thomas Bernhard holding forth in a private garden, and others. ISBN 9789491843754 Order Here This artist publication contains a sequence of unique letterpress monoprints, made by Karel Martens between 20, reproduced at actual size (except for two larger prints).Smith, Jimmie Durham, Bas Jan Ader, Mark Manders, Robert Filliou, Martin Boyce, and Dom Sylvester Houdard. ISBN 9789491843846 Order Here This book, the second volume in a series, is published on the occasion of the exhibition Choses tues by gerlach en koop at Temporary Gallery, Cologne, February-March 2016. With text contributions by Regina Barunke, Valentina Desideri, Nickel van Duijvenboden, Maxine Kopsa, Candice Lin and Raimundas Malasauaskas. ISBN 9789491843839 Order Here This catalogue, published on the occasion of a group exhibition of nine artists taken place in the autumn and winter of 2016/17 at S. Works by the contributing artists  Nicole Eisenman, Victor Man, Alice Neel, Paulina Oowska, Henry Taylor, Nicolas Party, Elizabeth Peyton, Avery Singer, and Katharina Wulff  are accompanied by texts from several authors. ISBN 9789491843822 Order Here What do people do when they are out in the street? This is the premise of Johannes Schwartz's exploration, which was set in Athens in the fall of 2015. Rockstars and fallen rocks and the edge, here is where the European conquest of the New World meets its fountain of youth endgame. This volume follows on from the first Parallel Encyclopedia, published in 2007.The result are photos of streets, public squares, museums, ruins and shops, places of culture and consumption. (...) Here, no image or structure is complete without symbolic framing devices, which also require framing devices, and so on. Underlying themes of Suter's practice are the "iconification" and "immunogenicity" of old images, and the circumstances by which they become charged with new associative values.Rainer is known for her challengingly experimental and sometimes minimalist work as a dancer, choreographer, and filmmaker, which spearheaded the rise of postmodern dance.An essay by Rainer frames things from the perspective of an ageing dancer who is aware of her physical limitations.

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