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Different BIOS implementations provide different features, like the ability to overclock processors and control fan speeds.Periodically the manufacturer of a computer or motherboard may release updates to the BIOS to add new features, improve functions and fix bugs.For example, when the Broadwell-E processors were released, ASUS issues a BIOS update for older X99 motherboards (originally supporting the Haswell-E processors), that made them compatible with the new CPUs.You may choose to update the BIOS on your laptop if you want to overclock the processor (although this may void your warranty).You’ll need this to find the relevant downloads on the support page on the manufacturer’s website. They will list changes from the previous version (usually called a Change Log), as well as compatibility issues and instructions.It’ll usually be in the same area as the downloads for user manuals and drivers. If the BIOS file is a updating the BIOS is very simple: close all other programs and run the

Most PC manufacturers post their BIOS files on their websites.The easiest way to do this using the System Information Tool.To access this tool open the Run box and type msinfo32; simply type msinfo32 into the search bar in the Start Menu, or just search for System Information.If you built your own custom computer head on over to your motherboard manufacturer’s website.You’ll need to know the exact model, so if you forgot, look up your receipts from Newegg (or wherever).

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