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I then double-clicked the handler on the property page to create a new code block, inserted my code, and everything worked fine. All the samples I found were using Datas Source ID bound to some damn SQL- or Object Data Source object which forces you to design and maintain (don't get me started) tableadapters using your MOUSE and a wizard or add method parameters to your control structure, blah blah..).

I remember Access (at least Access '97, anyway) used to have the same issue from time to time, and I somehow managed to pull that fact out of long-term memory despite the overload of useless baseball statistics dwelling there. If you want to set the Data Source at runtime, you must set the new mode before actually binding, like in the following sample: protected void Details View1_Mode Changing(object sender, Details View Mode Event Args e) it works from very beginning with datagrid and gridview binding events, pageindexchanged and many others.

I seem to have a problem with mode changing when using my detailsview control. protected void Detail View_Mode Changing(object sender, Details View Mode Event Args e) Now, when I click on edit or insert and trace, the program hits the right event, but I have to hit the button twice for the control to change mode.

Even when it does change mode, regardless of which control I hit, the program will randomly decide if it is going to go into edit mode or update mode.

If I don't put in the Mode Changing event implementation I get an exception: "The Details View 'dvw Work Item' fired event Mode Changing which wasn't handled." I do intend on adding other custom code into this method because certain actions need to happen when you start editing or inserting.

Here is the code I have so far: How did you use a repeater instead of a Details View, that would be strange because each now is the next field instead of a row like the Grid View.

Scott I have to say I've had just about enough of this wizard-driven all-your-code-in-one-place orientation you find everywhere in the documentation and samples. Main idea is that after the state is changed you have to rebind your control to make it actually "see" the changes.

Thanks again for you assistance it is greatly appreicated. After banging at it for a few hours, I just deleted the handler in the code-behind, and deleted the call to the handler on the property page.So I might hit update and get the insert mode, or vice versa.When in either of these modes, I have to press cancel twice to return to readonly mode.....pretty frustrating. I have the same problem which I have been fighting with all day and can't work out.Repeaters give you full control but typing the HTML yourself but I'd like to see if I can use the features of the controls to do what I need to do before moving to the repeater.Because then I have to code those extra features that the Grid View and Details View have that the repeater does not.

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