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Shortly after the world premiere I landed an exclusive interview with Ellen Barkin and Clifford Smith (Method Man).They talked about how the project came together, changes during production, what it was like working with Thomas Mc Carthy, the way they like to prepare for a role/project, social media, the legacy of Collider: I was telling people that I was going to be talking to you today and it’s an interesting pairing putting the two of you together. The other thing is sometimes I talk to people and they are not active on social media, but the two of you are very active on social media.From when you first got the script to what people are seeing on screen, how much changed along the way? It’s also interesting, I’ve read recently that the show is being taught in colleges and people are getting in there and dissecting it. We miss your motherfucks.” I’m not doing it anymore. I censored myself all through this interview [laughs].METHOD MAN: For me, well let’s put it this way – I don’t curse anymore in my rhymes. But twitter – I need someone to reel me in, because I just deleted like thousands of tweets by hand off my phone because I got in a heated argument with somebody. METHOD MAN: But I did call a woman out of her name because I was mad. This social media thing aint for everybody.” So now the majority of my tweets are Steven Wright quotes and potty humor. BARKIN: I’m doing a movie in November in Germany, and I’m producing a Richard Yates novel called The Easter Parade.He would tell me, “Alright Cliff, this is what I need. Even when we used to show up to set to work, whatever the script was, you wasn’t sure if you were going to get that when you came on set. People that know authenticity, see authenticity, not just in those backdrops but in the characters too.

So yeah, the only difference is the parts that I get now.

A lot of people are afraid to say someone is good or bad. METHOD MAN: A lot of rehearsal in the beginning, lots of rehearsal, from physical to just sitting down at a table reading. For the two of you, what do you think it is about the show that has made it everlasting where people are still talking about it and it’s still revered? From the first season when they started with the drug dealers and the cops, the conflict there, to even the second season, which got a lot of people mad, but how could you go to Baltimore, Maryland and not deal with the docks? And then the third season with the school and the kids, then the fourth season with the politicians, then it was the newspaper thing when Tom came on with the whole serial killer thing and all that.

BARKIN: Oh, I don’t mean Sting is bad, he just can’t act. I’m a big fan of Thomas Mc Carthy and the way he directs, he’s a talented guy. On set my job was a little more difficult, because I had to do this dual kind of thing. We had a systematic number system where it would be percentages. If anything it’s finally starting to get the mainstream press and more people talking about it, because when it was on it couldn’t get an award to save its life. METHOD MAN: Right, I think word of mouth is a hell of a thing. But every facet of Baltimore culture, they touched.

A movie came up, Copland, and I kind of went and auditioned for it.

They didn’t like my audition, so the person who sent me through for the audition told me, “Why don’t you do what you did in your video?

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